VAT refund

EU and non-EU countries and information on VAT refund.

VAT refund

Council Directive 2010/66/UE and subsequent amendments regarding the harmonisation of Member State legislation relating to turnover taxes, sets out the procedure for VAT Refund on taxable persons not resident in the country with which there is a VAT credit.
For Italian companies this service is carried out by Creditreform which, thanks to its network of offices and long-standing relationships with the relevant authorities is able to proceed coherently, quickly and efficiently.
A service provided thanks to collaboration with the Creditreform Group's European business offices.

This collaboration is fundamental with appeals in the event of a rebate being refused by the relevant foreign authorities.

What can be refunded

VAT (aka MwSt, TVA, IVA etc.) can be refunded on invoices and tax receipts in accordance with the current laws in force in each country.


Rebates are possible for costs incurred in the European Union plus Norway, Principality of Monaco and Switzerland, UK.

Documentation required

The following needs to be submitted to Creditreform

  • all invoices and earnings liable for rebate
  • authorisation to Creditreform
  • forms as supplied by Creditreform