Debt collection

With our professional receivables management, we will support you in the entire collection process, prevent payment defaults and secure your liquidity.

National and International debt collection

No country is out of bounds for us. We can recover your money anywhere in the world.
Wherever your debtor is based, we are sure to be close by. This is why more and more companies are relying on Creditreform Italia for their credit management.

Creditreform Italia provides companies with an IT system enabling them to follow proceedings on the web.

Advantages: what speaks for us?

  • Professional debt collection from one source

  • High success rate thanks to Creditreform solvency data

  • Individual approach of our collection experts

  • Success-oriented collection conditions

  • Easy transmission of debt collection cases

  • Up-to-date insight into collection processing

  • Acceptance of debt collection cases abroad

Extra-judicial proceedings in Italy

The modular service for extra-judicial recovery of credits; written and telephone exchanges with the debtor are kept to a minimum, as mandated by the customer.

Judicial proceedings in Italy

Case passed to the network of lawyers working for Creditreform Italia across the country.

International extra-judicial proceedings

The key to our success is close collaboration with our overseas experts. They are perfectly familiar with the local language, the local business culture, the current legal system and are thus able to supply an efficient service.

International judicial proceedings

We work as quickly as possible to recover debts anywhere in the world.

Credit monitoring

Anyone having a temporarily unenforceable credit with a German company can recover the debt even after 30 years, thanks to Creditreform.