Demonstrate your excellent solvency with the Creditreform Solvency Certificate.

What advantages does the Solvency Certificate offer you?

It talks about your financial success: with CrefoZert, you receive certification from us that your business conduct is impeccable and that your forecast for the future is positive. The advantages at a glance:

  • You can strengthen your own image in the public eye.
  • They signal security and reliability.
  • You can gain competitive advantages.
  • You can expand the relationship of trust with interested parties and customers.
  • You can obtain better payment conditions from suppliers.
  • You have better chances of obtaining loans or financing.
  • Certification is also included in your Creditreform business report.
  • You can find your place of pride in our public database of certified companies.
  • You can use the CrefoZert logo for your marketing measures.

What conditions have to be met for the CrefoZert Solvency Certificate?

We award the Solvency Certificate to about 1000 medium-sized companies from Germany every year.

  • We determine your creditworthiness index using various criteria and data. This index must have a value between 100 and 249.
  • We check your complete annual financial statements (a complete two-year history without gaps must be presented).
  • We ask your company about its current business situation and future prospects in order to assess credit risks.

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