International extra-judicial proceedings

Cross-border Debt Collection

On the spot to assist you
Creditreform works with Debt Collection abroad through a worldwide network of Creditreform companies, partners and subsidiaries as well as a long-standing network of selected lawyers specialised in handling civil actions in any commercial tribunal anywhere in the world.

One partner, many benefits
The key to our success is close collaboration with our overseas experts. They are perfectly familiar with the local language, the local business culture, the current legal system and are thus able to supply an efficient service. All recovery proceedings are handled in the country of the debtor. In this way we are able to guarantee a highly efficient quality service. The handling of cases is run from the relevant national head office, thereby guaranteeing the customer one representative for any problem anywhere in the world.

A summary of the advantages

  • A central reference point for you at the Creditreform office for your area
  • The psychological advantage of proximity to the debtor anywhere in the world
  • Breaking down of language barriers, familiarity with the mentality and legal process in the relevant countries
  • Demands issued in the debtor's own language
  • Our focus on avoiding recourse to the courts avoids the needless expense of unnecessary legal proceedings
  • Transparency at all times through case -specific progress reports
  • Our many years of experience, seriousness and professionalism maintains and ensures your own good name
  • Reduced costs thanks to an abbreviated internal demand procedure
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