Extra-judicial proceedings in Italy

Creditreform Modular

  • For small claims
  • The credit must be documented
  • The credit must not have lapsed

The Modular Service for extra-judicial recovery of credits; written and telephone exchanges with the debtor are kept to a minimum, as mandated by the customer.


Creditreform Classic

  • For middle to high claims
  • The credit must be documented


1. Written warning (advice of ratings change)
2. Telephone warning (contact with debtor)
3. Proposed settlements (by mutual agreement with the creditor and not excluding our staff negotiating with the debtor)
4. Warning and notice of default (from our legal department)
5. Pre-legal collection notice (information for the purposes of recovery)
    5. A. Legal Proceedings
    5. B. Notice of non-recoverability of the credit

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