Debt collection

National and International Debt Collection

Creditreform, the world's largest Debt Collection group - more than 1.6 million cases handled in 2011.

With an annual turnover of over 543 million Euro the Group has a leading position in credit management services.

Don't spend time chasing your money - we can do it quicker.


No country is out of bounds for us. We can recover your money anywhere in the world.
Wherever your debtor is based, we are sure to be close by. This is why more and more companies are relying on Creditreform Italia for their credit management.

Creditreform Italia provides companies with an IT system enabling them to follow proceedings on the web.

  • Extra-judicial Debt Collection proceedings ITALY
  • Judicial Debt Collection proceedings ITALY
  • Extra-judicial Debt Collection proceedings INTERNATIONAL
  • Judicial Debt Collection proceedings INTERNATIONAL
  • Monitoring of temporarily non-recoverable credits in Germany

Complementary services

  • Tracing the debtor
  • Pre-legal collection notice

"Each day of delay in chasing the debtor causes a loss of revenue and makes recovery less likely"

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