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Creditreform: the number one source for business informations in Europe.

A sophisticated range of products for Italy and abroad to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding customer base, able to provide ever more thorough checks in an ever shorter time frame.

Products have been tested using unique criteria worldwide, and can be trusted thanks to Creditreform's leadership in the sector. Creditreform equals competence and reliability.

The Creditreform Group's information services enable a company's credit manager to make important decisions knowing to have chosen the leading service provider.


Business information Online in real time ITALY and ABROAD.

Business information Offline on demand ITALY and ABROAD.

The quality of Creditreform's Business reports, all complete with rating and credit limit, leaves no room for guesswork.

This quality is achieved by acquiring all the financial data necessary for a thorough evaluation, and inputting it into a sophisticated computerized system which takes into account Basel II and the Probability of default.

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Creditreform Italy App

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