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  • Credit rating and commercial informations
    Find out how Creditreform's business information can help you with your day-to-day business processes.
    We offer a variety of commercial information solutions based to your needs.

  • Management and debt collection
    Use Creditreform's expertise and experience to quickly recover your national and international credits. No country is a stranger to us. We can recover your money all over the world.

  • International debtcollection
    Creditreform works in international debtcollection with a worldwide network of Creditreform companies, partner companies and subsidiaries and a long-established network of lawyers who are specialized in dealing with civil cases in every commercial court in the world.

    The key to our success is the close collaboration with our experts in foreign countries. They are familiar with language, business culture, and the legal system in place, and therefore have the potential to provide efficient service. Every recovery practice is worked out in the debtor country so we can guarantee high efficiency and quality of service.

  • Creditreform international Commercial Informations
    Take advantage of the information Creditreform offers to evaluate your international business partners.

  • Solvency check and international debt collection
    Your professional business partner for safe business around the world.Creditreform International is the association established in 1995 to organize foreign business services for business information, debtcollection and marketing.

  • Quality informations on solvency
    Timeliness, completeness and reliability ... discover the quality features of Creditreform.

  • Creditreform credit certification - CrefoZert
    How to use CrefoZert, Creditreform credit certification, to actively communicate and advertise your good solvency, in the Web on the net, as an electronic signature in Emails, on your letterhead, in your office or in your reception area.

  • Paying experience with Creditreform
    The German Debtor Register (DRD - Debitorenregister Deutschland) allows you to exchange free payment experiences, a valid plus in the solvency assessment.