Creditreform International

Safe transactions across all borders with our professional partner for doing safe business worldwide.

Your professional partner for doing safe business worldwide

Creditreform International is the association set up in 1995 to organize the foreign dealings of business information, debt collection and marketing companies.
In Europe and the rest of the world the services are managed by a vast, well-established network of national Creditreform business offices, partners and subsidiaries operating in compliance with and respect of local laws, ensuring a tried and tested service while adhering to the guidelines and supervision of the Central head office.
The most recent Creditreform International business offices:
Creditreform Turkey gateway to the Middle East, a nation of 78 million people.
Creditreform China in Shanghai, assisting one of the driving forces in the development of the global economy.
Creditreform Ukraine in Kiev, a bridge between Europe and Russia, a nation of 46 million people.