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From 1879 commercial informations, debt collection and marketing.

From 1879 commercial informations, debt collection and marketing.


Origin of the name CREDITREFORM ‘‘DEN CREDIT REFORMIEREN’’, The Reform of Credit.

The Creditreform association emerged from the idea of eliminating the difficulties and misunderstandings in commercial transactions and reforming the credit system.    

1879: Small businesses and craftsmen come together to form the association 'Verein Bahrzahlung Mainz'. This association starts to focus on the reform of the credit system and adopts the name ‘Verein Creditreform zum Schutze gegen schaedliches Creditgeben’. The association set itself four objectives right from the start: 

  • To protect customers from credit abuse
  • Debt Collection
  • To provide reliable Business Information through its network of connections
  • General and up-to-date reform of credit conditions


1883: The 15 Creditreform associations set up a central body: 'Verband der Vereine Creditreform' (VVC).

1928: Details of annual turnover, numbers employed and company capital allow business information to control credits.

Early 1930's: Creditreform is the first Business Information company to introduce a uniform template for information

1984: Information Data Base-Creditreform-Online.

1992: Micromarketing-Systeme und Consult GmbH (marketing of objectives and geomarketing) is founded.

1993: ECOFIS GmbH founded (IT services).

1995: Creditreform International e.V. founded to promote the Group's services worldwide.

1997: CEG Creditreform Consumer GmbH founded (credit reference checks and Business Information on individuals)

2000: E-Crefo GmbH founded (credit reference checks for the e-market).

2001: aCS GmbH founded (acoreus Collection Services – electronic recovery in bulk through Call-by- Call and Internet-by-Call-Offer).

2001: bedirect founded (direct marketing).


Subsidiaries and partners of the Creditreform Group in Germany

The services are constantly being updated and updated by a pool of specialized companies in various sectors of the economy making the Creditreform services unique.
Since 1879 we have been a market presence adapting tradition to the modern provider, supplying all integrated customer and risk management business processes.

  • microm
  • CEG Creditreform Consumer
  • e-crefo
  • IMMO-Check
  • bedirect
  • Creditreform Rating AG
  • Crefo Factoring Gesellschaften
  • CPM Creditreform Portfolio Management GmbH

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