Why Creditreform

  • 1st Business Information Group in Europe
  • 1st Debt Collection Group in the World
  • 1st Direct Marketing with Solvency Index
  • 1st VAT Refund thanks to Creditreform's local offices

Business Informations

The only Business Information company in Italy to be certified with the Bundesbank.
The authoritativeness of its rating on all information reports is the fruit of leadership built up through assessment techniques as applied and tested on hundreds of millions of reports to some 170,000 customers.
Financial statements rated by Creditreform Rating AG with likelihood of default on the basis of the EU agreements of Basel II. Customised management in Euros for all information reports for Italy and worldwide. From our online site the world's biggest database on Europe with some 24 million items of updated information.

Debt Collection

A network of offices worldwide to provide customer with a service close to the debtor and without recourse to the courts.
The Creditreform Group's authority and recognition as market leader together with demands in the debtor's own language from offices close by, gives us a success rate unmatched by our competitors.
We never make our customer take the easy route of recourse to the courts if we are sure the debtor won't be able to pay.
Every case is examined thoroughly to obtain the maximum at minimum cost to the customer. It is better to use the Creditreform declaration of loss than initiate a costly and lengthy lawsuit.
With Creditreform legal proceedings can be pursued anywhere in the world.


You can increase your turnover with the services of Direct Marketing Online Europe.
A modern tool which puts potential agents and customers at your disposal with one simple click.
A very modest cost to customers for Creditreform Italia's Business Information.
The addresses selected from the database all carry a rating, which we recommend you re-verify before proceeding.

VAT Refund

All documentation is thoroughly checked by our specialist staff, who are in constant touch with the relevant VAT offices in the EU. Great care is taken in preparing the applications so as to avoid the risk of the rebate being protested. In such an event all appropriate appeals regarding rebates to the relevant Finance Ministries are lodged for free by our employees in the languages of the counties concerned. Where necessary personnel from the European Creditreform offices will be sent to solve any problems arising from the rebate application to the Ministry of Finance offices, with a success rate of rebate cases handled close to 99%.


Classified Report® available for all Italian enterprises in 5 languages: Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

Abroad Online in real time, the world's largest database on Europe with up-to-date information and some 24,000,000 reports evaluated online.


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