The Creditreform Group

Business Information, Debt Collection and marketing since 1879

The services are constantly being updated and updated by a pool of specialized companies in various sectors of the economy making the Creditreform services unique.
Since 1879 we have been a market presence adapting tradition to the modern provider, supplying all integrated customer and risk management business processes.

Subsidiaries and partners of the Creditreform Group in Germany:

  • microm
  • CEG Creditreform Consumer
  • e-crefo
  • IMMO-Check
  • bedirect
  • Creditreform Rating AG
  • Crefo Factoring Gesellschaften
  • CPM Creditreform Portfolio Management GmbH


Classified Report® available for all Italian enterprises in 5 languages: Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

Abroad Online in real time, the world's largest database on Europe with up-to-date information and some 24,000,000 reports evaluated online.


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